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Why Consumer Attorneys Should
Embrace The Mass Arbitration Model.

Educational Video: The economic realities of mass arbitration.


An Overview Of The Mass Arbitration Model.

The mass arbitration model is an alternative to class actions: many companies use restrictive arbitration clauses in their terms and conditions to prevent customers from brining cases on a class basis. Companies believe that any case brought as a class action will be forced into individual arbitration, therefore reducing the risk of any suit brought at all. However, in arbitration, the company is generally responsible for most of the fees, and the consumer needs to pay only a small fee which can be waived in certain states based on financial criteria.

While the economic value of individual arbitration cases for plaintiff-side attorneys is generally lesser than the value of similar class action cases, reaching a global settlement in a larger group (“portfolio”) of similar cases brought against one defendant can be equally or even more profitable.

Educational Video: Fee shifting in mass arbitration.


Fee Shifting In The Mass Arbitration Model.

In arbitration, the company is generally responsible for most of the fees, and the consumer needs to pay only a small fee which may be waived. In the state of California, arbitration fees generally cannot be shifted back to the consumer even if the consumer loses.

Statutes to review:

  • California Code, Code of Civil Procedure – CCP § 1284.3
  • Fee shifting provision in AAA and JAMS consumer min. standards.


Case Settlement Values.

Educational Video: Evaluating mass arbitration cases.


The Mass Arbitration Model: Procedural Considerations.

Educational Video: Resolving your cases in arbitration – procedural considerations.

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