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Are you looking to acquire class action or mass arbitration privacy-related cases?

We have helped plaintiff-side privacy lawyers acquire thousands of cases against online platforms, hotels, banks, and debt collection companies. In addition, we delivered leads for most major privacy class actions against medical providers filed in the State of California in 2020.

Sofia Wadler


My marketing agency for law firms specializes in paid social media campaigns.

Before starting this agency, I worked as a marketing director for one of the largest consumer-protection law firms in the U.S. I have launched over 300 successful social media marketing campaigns and direct mail campaigns. Academically, I hold a Russian and a U.S. law degree as well as a German legal studies certificate.

I have founded Pallas Athena with three principles in mind: 1. Efficiency. 2. Transparency. 3. Ethics. My team designs all campaigns following a 5-step blueprint that I developed, which allows us to produce consistent results at a very competitive price.

Please review our PORTFOLIO for more information about our previous social media campaigns. Cheers!

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