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Ethics In Legal Marketing

Over the years, We’ve seen many unethical legal advertising campaigns: ☠️Misleading ads and mailers masked as “surveys,” ☠️ads without any disclaimers when such disclaimers were required; ☠️settlement “calculators,” ☠️in-person and instant communications (via FB messenger /text) from lawyers directed to people who they have no prior relationship with.
There are many marketers who think that the best ad is the ad that does not look like one… Navigating legal advertising restrictions can be tricky. However, in our experience, direct response advertising that complies with all restrictions and disclosure requirements can still be very effective!

Legal ads can derive credibility from the fact that they are made on behalf of a law firm. A respectful and informative writing style works the best in this space. People like being educated and they respond positively to ads that seem transparent and educational.

Legal advertisers who either ❌make a sloppy attempt to make their ads look like something else or ❌talk down to their potential clients most often get a negative response and a higher cost per submission/ call.

Unethical advertising hurts our industry reputation, makes it more expensive to advertise for people who want to follow the rules, and will eventually result in the stare bar cracking down on advertising law firms.

About Pallas Marketing Agency for Law Firms

Pallas is a marketing agency for ambitious and committed lawyers and law firm owners. The agency specializes in direct response social media campaigns and offers 1. ethical, 2. transparent, and 3. highly effective advertising options for lawyers. We deliver leads and clients in the following legal verticals: Class Actions, Mass Torts, Consumer Law, Plaintiff-side Employment Litigation, Wildfire Cases, Personal Injury Cases. Contact us today to find out how we can help your law practice grow.