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COVID19 Emerging Litigation: Law Firm Marketing During The Pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has become a major global health threat and it has affected the way lawyers conduct business. “COVID-19 lawyers” and “COVID-19 litigation” are new industry terms for lawyers dealing with cases related to the coronavirus outbreak. Wondering what COVID-19 cases are?
Below, please find a brief overview of litigation and law industry trends that emerged in response to the COVID-19 emergency. We will be updating this article from time to time to reflect new developments.

Personal Injury Marketing For Law Firms and Coronavirus.

COVID19 cruise ship litigation has become a trendy term in the circles of PI and mass tort lawyers. Personal Injury attorneys are advertising their services to people who have been exposed to COVID-19 or otherwise injured on a cruise ship due to the cruise company negligence. On April 7, 2020, Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A (a Maritime Law Firm) has filed a lawsuit against Costa Cruise Lines, Inc (please note, the lawsuit was filed as a class action and not as a mass tort or individual case). The complaint can be found on the law firm’s website.

Nursing home negligence cases are on the rise.

Sadly, many elderly people have been exposed to COVID-19 in nursing homes. PI lawyers are investigating nursing home cases that resulted in residents’ exposure to COVID-19 or other injuries. Below, please find some examples:

– Advertising law firm: Pintas and Mullins. Campaigns landing page URL:

In addition, some attorneys started soliciting Coronavirus-related general business negligence cases where business’ negligence or lack of compliance with COVID-related orders resulted in COVID-19 exposure or other injuries;

Bad Faith Insurance Cases and COVID-19.

More and more COVID-19 lawyers are advertising for bad faith insurance cases. These cases include, inter alia, business interruption insurance cases. It appears that many insurance companies have been wrongfully denying business interruption policy claims from businesses affected by COVID-19. Below are some examples of business interruption litigation marketing by law firms:

– Advertising Law Firm: Equity Legal LLP. Campaign landing page URL:

– Advertising Law Firm: Gomez Trial Attorneys. Campaign landing page URL:

– Advertising Firm: Seeger Weiss LLP. Campaign landing page: N/A – Advertiser uses Facebook lead forms.

– Advertising Law Firm: Levin Papantonio. Video Ad URL:

Another type of COVID-19 bad faith insurance cases are cases against medical insurance companies that wrongfully denied individuals’ health insurance claims.
– Advertising law firm: Gianelli & Morris. Campaign landing page: N/A – Advertiser uses Facebook lead forms

Business Law Marketing, Employment Law and COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many businesses and even entire industries. Many businesses need legal assistance with questions related to contact law; tenet law (lease agreements); and employment law in time of the pandemic. In response, more and more law firms, large and small, offer their services.

– Advertising Law Firm: Nasseri Legal. Campaign landing page: N/A;

– Advertising Law Firm: Procopio. Information resource page URL:

Employment law became one of the most dynamic practice areas affected by COVID-19. New federal and state-level employment-related regulations make it hard for employers and employees to navigate this space without an attorney. With an extremely high number of lay-offs, plaintiff-side wrongful termination litigation is becoming a “hot topic.”

Non-state Residents Travel Restrictions Lawsuits and COVID-19

In their attempts to stop coronavirus from spreading, some cities and municipalities have applied travel restrictions. Earlier this month, 6 out-of-state property owners have filed a federal lawsuit against Dare County. They alleged that the county ban, keeping non-state residents away during the coronavirus pandemic, violates the “privileges and immunities” clause of the U.S. Constitution, noting that workers from bordering counties are still allowed. The law firm representing the plaintiffs is Kitchen & Turrentine.

Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Marketing for Law Firms in Times of a Pandemic

As more and more people lose their jobs and their income due to COVID-19, lawyers advertising their debt relief, debt settlement, and bankruptcy legal services see more demand.

We will continue updating this COVID-19 emerging litigation list as we see more legal advertising in response to COVID-